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The study of how people manage resources and make decisions about production, distribution, and consumption.



The IoE is a great resource for citizen experience enhancement. Traffic control and parking are two of the benefits. GPS systems can provide multiple routes depending on the traffic in an area. This is something that most people are well aware of. To digitize traffic control information, it uses data from traffic feeds and road constructions. This allows for faster travel times. They can also adjust transit times to accommodate for more precise arrival/departure times.

Cities use GPS and sensors to keep track of transit times to encourage public transportation. This can reduce traffic congestion on busy roads. Parking garages have the ability to track how many spaces are available, which can cut down on time spent looking. Some systems can even interact with your car to help you find a parking spot. Another benefit is sustainability and green living. Nearly half of the country lives in urban areas. International governments are keen to reduce carbon emissions, and increase energy use. IoE capable assets can connect online to a utility. This can allow for optimal power usage during non-peak hours. I Chicago is an example. It has installed sensors to monitor the air quality and pedestrian traffic in each block. Glasgow has another example, which tracks traffic and crime to improve safety and reduce congestion. These sensors can also detect foot and noise to help determine which areas need to be improved.

EnvironmentThere are many IoE technology that can be used to help address environmental problems and reduce the effects of climate change. Recent studies have shown that IoE devices may be able to reduce energy consumption up to 10%. Home thermostats can be connected to the internet to allow them to turn off automatically when there is no one in the house or to reduce power usage when they aren’t being used. An app can be downloaded to your smartphone that allows you to turn the thermostat on or off. It can be used to turn the device on or off while you are out, and it will also work when you return home.

The IoE helps to monitor and protect wildlife and endangered species. IoE technology allows us to study endangered animals and their habits, as well as place sensors under their skin. This collar was used to locate lions in order to alert cattle farmers of their location to avoid potentially fatal run-ins. Drones can also be used to monitor them and protect against poachers. This approach is more invasive than other methods and will allow for easier monitoring of animal populations.

The IoE can help to protect the environment. There are a few environmental concerns associated with the IoE. One of the biggest environmental concerns is ewaste. The increased use of IoE devices means that more of them are being thrown out. Old devices end up in landfills. This could lead to chemical emissions increasing the pollution of the air. Energy consumption is another concern. IoT networks require large data centers to support their needs. Data centres consume huge amounts of energy. The setting can feel extremely burdened by the large amount of energy needed to provide it. While data centres that are large and complex try to consume as much energy as possible, this still has an influence on the sector. IoT also contributes to energy consumption by consuming energy for the production of thousands of devices.

EconomicsThe IoE is expected to create many new jobs. This is a significant benefit for the economy. Information security professionals are one example. They prevent data loss from malfunctioning devices and can also stop or mitigate hackers’ malicious attacks. With so many new devices, security professionals are often overwhelmed. Data mishaps can have serious consequences. Targeted attacks could bring down entire countries’ internets or just a small portion of private medical devices, putting someone’s health at stake.

Data security specialists need to be required to comprehend the web and protect connected devices. They must be capable of analysing data trends and developing plans of action for protecting every type digital asset. They should be constantly monitoring and measuring the threat levels and adapting their strategies to counter them. In the event of a data loss, these professionals should have disaster recovery plans in place. These technologists could be specialists in stock care, soil analysis, crop yields or stock management.

These workers need data to do their job well. Farmers can track where their vehicles are located and what fuel level they have. This will also allow them to determine how much fertilizer or other weed killer was used on specific parts of their fields. Farms can receive updates about yields during harvests. Combine harvesters bring in the crops. Higher yield areas might be marked for more fertiliser next year. Technology must be required to monitor livestock’s health. Every animal’s health can be tracked using sensors embedded in cattle herds. Managers have to inform their cows if they become ill so that they can be treated. Multiple sensors can be used to track the milk production as well as the nutritional content of each cow’s milk. This all enables agricultural professionals to see the efficiency of each property and make better decisions.

Technologists can help farmers maximize their profits and remain in business over the long-term. It might be hard and take time for businesses and people to get used to the new IoE technology. Each IoT enabled device will require investment as well as the software needed to analyze the data you are gathering. The technology you need to get the information you are looking for might require a significant capital investment, depending on your goals. A business’ staff will have to learn how to use new IoE devices. This will add to their costs. For large data collections and analysis, a business will require more storage space. It will cost a lot to build a data centre.

Security/Ethical The IoE’s biggest security concern is hackers. Many hackers can steal personal information and cause damage to others. Smart car hackers are an example. They can wirelessly control cars by dissecting their computerized system, making it vulnerable. Then they use the internet to take control of all functions. This allows them to control the car, regardless of the driver’s actions. This may result in more accidents. People will also need to fix their cars, which can be costly, especially if it is a smart one.

Hackers are also known to be adept at hacking mobile phones. Clive Goodman and Glenn Mulcaire, both a journalist and private investigator, were accused in a 2006 phone hacking scandal. They were found to have listened in on voicemail messages and were sentenced and imprisoned. The factory provided a personal identification number which could be used for voicemail access from abroad or on other mobile phones. While many people were motivated to alter the Pin, very few did. The Pin could be used to access voicemail messages or to call the owner if the owner is unavailable.

Legislation. A business that uses IoT must filter the data they produce. This is an issue for developers who need to ensure that the system runs as efficiently and protects against unsuitable data. IoT solutions need to include data security precautions and safeguards against misuse. Data can also be re-purposed, which is another risk. Data subjects need to be protected by ensuring that their data is used only for the original purpose. Data subjects will not be aware of the processing taking place because there are many IoT applications that communicate with each other. This could impact their ability to consent and exercise rights regarding the collected information.


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    Amelia Burke is a 27yo educational blogger and volunteer and student. She is currently a student at the University of Utah. She is interested in creative writing, writing for the web, and public speaking.



Amelia Burke is a 27yo educational blogger and volunteer and student. She is currently a student at the University of Utah. She is interested in creative writing, writing for the web, and public speaking.

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