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What is the definition of Surface Web?

What is the definition of Deep Web?

What’s the Deep Web?

Deep Web Security: How safe is it?

What is Darkweb?

Is the Dark Web Safe?

Silk Road



The Tor Network is a system that allows for anonymous browsing and communication on the internet. It routes traffic through a series of nodes, making it difficult to trace the origin of the communication. It is used by a range of people, from activists to journalists who need to protect their privacy and security online.

Information about Bitcoin

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The world is constantly evolving and globalized. This allows for information exchange amongst millions. Some documents are private while others are classified. Information Technology has long been concerned about privacy and security.

Many strategies and developments have been made to reach that goal. One such strategy is the classification of web in three levels. While Surface web is what we access every day, Deep web is not indexed in the search engines.

There has been confusion about the difference between Deep web and dark web. Although it isn’t known how large the deep web is, it is believed to cover 96% of the internet world. This means that only 4 percent is on the surface web. The most important information in the deep web is account and database data. Dark web is another layer of the web that lies beneath the Deep Web. This web can be accessed with standard browsers, unlike Deep web. Tor browser is the special tool needed to access Dark web. Tor browser is well-known for its anonymity when surfing the internet. But it’s not completely secure. There are many criminals trying to find loopholes or illegal activities in that world. Silk Road and AlphaBay were among the websites involved in criminal transactions. Hansa was also charged with cybercrime. In order to hide their identities online, cryptocurrencies such Bitcoin were used as a substitute for normal currency transactions. However, the dark web can be used to disguise your identity. IntroductionIn the age of Globalization, Information Technology is becoming more complex and uncertain when it involves surfing the internet securely. There are two main types of web. One that users can access daily is called surface web. It is accessible by Google, Yahoo!, YouTube, and others. For privacy and security, there is also a level called deep web. The deep web covers 96%, and is usually represented by the iceberg. There is a small section of the deep internet called Dark Web. It is here that criminal and other depraved activities are being carried out. Dark web is better because it allows for anonymity on the internet. Tor browser is a technology that hides the source of a request by randomly looping computers between the destination and the source. Crypto currencies like Bitcoins are used to make things more secure and difficult for law enforcement. What is Surface Web and what does it mean? Surface web refers only to information and websites that are easily found on the internet. Clearnet or Web is another name for it. It has greatly helped the globalization process. It has brought people closer together. It has been a great help in science, medicine and education. In medicine, for example, remote medical care is possible. This allows doctors to be contacted remotely if they are unavailable. Online tutorials and support have also been a huge benefit to educators. Science surface web has also helped in the exchange and development of technology. There are still security issues and malicious content. This surface web is only 4%, the remaining 96% is the deep web. It is hidden from the public. What is Deep Web and how can it be used? It’s also known by the names Dark net and Invisible web. This is where most confidential data is stored. These data can only be accessed by those with authority and authentic credentials. You can access bank details, private email addresses, public records, and classified documents. Etc. These web can be used to protect personal and secret information. It allows people and organizations to access the information they need. Deep web refers to the hidden portion of the internet. This means that the majority of information is stored in the company’s database, secured with username/password. These information can only be accessed by authorized users. What is Deep Web? Deep Web includes protected and private information.

Your personal email accounts, such as Gmail and Yahoo, contain your email content. They are protected by usernames and passwords. Only authorized users have access to the account.

Your social media accounts’ content: For example, your Facebook account and profile. This information is restricted to authorized users.

Online Banking: Transactions and Online Banking are protected. The account can only be accessed by authorized persons.

Data that companies store in their own database: All company data is included in deep web because they are not made available publicly.

Data contained in academic and scientific databases: Governments and Agencies, particularly in the research field, keep the information secret and confidential and do not make it available to the general public.

Medical records: Medical records can be used for both research and privacy. The public can’t see the medical records for the most famous people.

Legal documents: To avoid the public’s interest, legal documents like case files and property records must be kept secret.

Many of the information found on deep web sites is private and may be misused. (Symantec Corporation, n.d.)

Deep Web Security: Is it Safe? Deep web is secure because it hides with authentication. There are many people who seek out loopholes and are just as curious. Dark Web is less secure than Deep Web. Because that is where all personal and authentic information happens. However, internet users should be aware that there are many vulnerabilities. The deep web is safe because we can access our emails and make bank transactions online. Cybercriminals are attracted to the deep web because it contains a lot of valuable documents and hidden information. It is essential to be aware and take precautions when using the deep internet. One way to protect yourself is to create strong passwords that are both long and contain special characters. Also, you can change your password regularly. Although the deep web is quite safe, it’s still a good idea to be safe online. (Symantec Corporation, n.d.)

What is Darkweb? Darkweb is a small segment of the internet. It’s also known under the names Darknet or Tor Hidden Services. Tor browser, a special tool that hides your identity by faking the IP address or location, is needed to browse this kind of website. The anonymity is required to access dark web. This web is mostly used to illicit purposes and for nefarious and illegal activities, including drug trafficking, criminality and weapons. These illegal transactions are carried out using crypto currencies like Bitcoin. Silk Road is one of the criminal sites. AlphaBay, Hansa and Hansa are also involved. They are however taken down and charged with criminal conduct by the law enforcement. The dark web isn’t just used by criminals. It also serves as a platform for activists, whistleblowers and other people whose goal is to protect their identities and pass on the truth. It is safe to surf the darkweb. These web sites can be used by students, researchers, government and nongovernmental organizations to better understand the internet. You cannot use the Tor browsers for illegal purposes because there are government agents that spy on and filter them. Cyber threats are also possible because Tor servers make publishers and users completely anonymous. Here are some of the potential risks:

Viruses. Many websites contain viruses and malware. It is best to not download any files from a website you aren’t sure about.

Hackers. There are hacker forums on the dark internet. Hackers can be hired on the dark web to carry out illegal activities. While you are browsing the dark net, your device could be hacked.

Webcam hijacking. A website on darkweb might attempt to hack your webcam. Someone could hijack your webcam, which would allow them to view your activity through the camera lens. If you aren’t using your webcam it’s a good idea for someone to cover it with tape or paper. (Symantec Corporation, n.d.)

No matter how dark the web may appear, law enforcement is always on the lookout for illegal transactions and activities. They are also successful in capturing criminals.

Silk RoadSilk Road is an online black marketplace, the first modern darknet and best-known for being a place to sell illegal drugs. It was operated under Tor as a hidden service, so online users could access it anonymously without being tracked. It was launched on February 11, 2011, after six months of development. There were initially only a few new seller accounts; sellers needed to buy an account through an auction. The seller accounts were subject to a fixed charge. In October 2013, Ross Ulbricht was detained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He was charged with being the Pseudonymous fonder of the website, “Dread Pirate Robert”. Silk Road 2.0 was created by Silk Road 2.0 administrators. It went live on 6/11/2013. It was also shut down. The alleged operators were taken into custody as part the “Operation Onymous” operation. Ulbricht was convicted by eight U.S. Federal Courts in Manhattan of Silk Road related charges and sentenced to life without parole. (Wikipedia, n.d.)

AlphaBayThe U.S. and European authorities announced in July 2017 that they had taken down the largest dark web market. AlphaBay, a Tor-hidden service, was used to transact Bitcoin and Monero. Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. It sold everything: malware, hacking tools, and even drugs. You could even find counterfeit products and dangerous chemicals. It was also used to laundering hundreds of million of dollars. Unfortunately, AlphaBay could be attributed to overdose deaths in Oregon or Florida by the Department of Justice. AlphaBay was home to 200,000 users and over 40,000 sellers. There were more than 250,000 listings for drugs, toxic chemicals, and 100,000 for malware, hacking instruments, guns, and other items. Silk Road was home to 14,000 listings when it was seized. Alexandre Cases was arrested as the AlphaBay administrator and creator on July 5. A Canadian living and working in Thailand was taken into custody for his suicide. Cazes’ assets as well his wife’s were taken. They included homes, luxury cars, and even a Thai Hotel. According to Department of Justice, Cazes owned millions of crypto from AlphaBay. (Kaspersky, n.d.)

HansaHansa operated an underground darknet market online that used a Tor-hidden service. It was expected that it would be one the world’s leading markets when AlphaBay was closed down in July 2017. It was revealed on July 20th 2017 that the site had been compromised over several weeks and then closed as a result of Operation Bayonet, a multinational law enforcement operation. After receiving a tip from security experts in 2016, Dutch police were able to locate the true site’s location. Police began monitoring every action on the site quickly and found that the administrators had left behind IRC chat logs with their full names, home addresses, and other details. The administrators quickly moved the site to a different host. However, in April 2017, they were able to trace bitcoin transactions which allowed them to identify the new Lithuanian hosting company. Two German men were arrested by German police on June 20, 2017. The Dutch police then took full control of site and attempted to impersonate administrators. They planned to absorb any users that would come over from the AlphaBay shut down, and they worked in collaboration with the FBI. (Wikipedia, n.d.)

Tor NetworkTor is an application you can install on your computer to help you stay safe online. It bounces your communications around a distributed network made up of volunteers from all over the globe. This prevents anyone from monitoring your internet connection and allowing them to learn about your location. The Tor network is a collection of volunteers relays. Tor Browser, a Firefox version that addresses privacy concerns, is the preferred way to use Tor. (TOR, n.d.)

Tor stands for the Onion Router (hence the logo). It was originally a global network of servers created by the US Navy to allow anonymous internet browsing. It’s now an independent non-profit organization, whose primary goal is to study and develop online privacy software. (Klosowski, 2014)

Tor allows anonymous web surfing by using a browser tool called Tor. Tor network is made of many relay points and nodes that send encrypted data to each other. Each node decrypts the data as it passes through them. Each node only decrypts enough information to allow it to track the packed, and then send it on to its destination. Exit nodes don’t know client or server identities. Although Tor is not anonymous, it’s possible to identify your identity. Your identity may be exposed even though you exit the node from the Exit node. Tor has a limit on large file downloads. Because the network bounces between the relays of computers around the globe, it is slow. Tor browser allows you to navigate websites that are not blocked by search engines or are not listed in the search results. Tor browser is used by people who want to be safe from the prying eyes around the globe. Tor can be used to do nefarious and illegal business. BitcoinBitcoin or cryptocurrency is a digital coin. It was invented by Satoshi Nagamoto in 2008. Bitcoins do not exist in physical form, unlike fiat currency. Instead, bitcoins exist as code fragments in the virtual universe. It hasn’t stopped people from trying to imagine how a Bitcoin might look in reality. There are many artistic renderings of bitcoins with B! (Bitcoin Australia, n.d.)

Bitcoin is a digital currency. It can be used in Dark Web transactions. Bitcoin’s anonymity is well-known. This is because cryptocurrency isn’t tied to Central Bank or its functions separately. It is volatile, and can fluctuate in value at any moment. The web can be divided into three levels: the surface, the deep and dark. The normal web surfing happens on the surface web. However, the deep web houses most files and personal information. The deep web encompasses most of what is not known as the dark internet. Although dark web can be used to commit criminal acts, it can also be used for legitimate and private purposes. While dark web can be used by criminals it can also be used to conceal identities and provide real information. Dark web is a brighter future for privacy rights. Bitcoin is a new paradigm in currency use, allowing for privacy and security. It is important to stay safe online and be smart about the internet. Cites

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Amelia Burke is a 27yo educational blogger and volunteer and student. She is currently a student at the University of Utah. She is interested in creative writing, writing for the web, and public speaking.

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