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How to write a teenage essay

Here are some topics that relate to teenage pregnancy. We also have tips for writing introductions, structuring a thesis statement, and outlining essays. We hope you find inspiration!

How to write an essay on teenage pregnancy

The topic of teenage pregnancy essays is very relevant today, regardless of whether it is approached from a medical or demographic perspective. It is not difficult to write a compelling essay about a wide range of subjects, including children and mothers, that will earn you a high grade.

Choose one topic to focus on. Each topic for teenage pregnancy essays focuses on a single problem, but covers different aspects of the issue. So, it is up to you whether you wish to write about government-supported prevention methods or the consequences for teenage mothers.
– Complete your research. If you are citing journal or book titles, this will show that you have a deep understanding of the subject. A comprehensive essay will be easier if you consider the views of other researchers.
– Create an outline. This will allow you to see the sub-themes that you have touched upon and how inclusive your work. This will help save you time and allow you to rewrite the best parts of your paper. You will also be able identify structural issues quickly.
Create a title. It should be informative and interesting. Teenage pregnancy essay titles need to grab attention. No matter what your views on the topic, you’re writing about living people who are entitled to fair treatment.

The traditional format for writing a paper is to have an introduction and body. To grab the attention of your readers, you can start your paragraphs with a interesting statistic or fact. You should also include a hook and a thesis statement. Your introduction, conclusion and hook should all be coherent. A thesis will not make readers interested in your paper. It will also help you to create a great conclusion. Make sure you understand your teenage pregnancy essay audience and provide only the information necessary to support your main argument. Writing a paper using a sociology-based perspective may be advantageous. Eliminate sentences that don’t link directly to your thesis. Your paper’s central argument must be the most important. You can learn from other examples to create a beautiful structure. Find a few examples of teenage pregnancy essays to inspire you. These sample papers can be used to help you evaluate the information and technique. Plagiarism is a serious offense. Academic honesty is the best way to protect your paper’s grades.

Statement on Teenage Reproductive Health

The most serious social problem in the world is still early pregnancies. However, it can be challenging to create a teenage pregnancy thesis. These examples will help you make your job easier.

– Teenage pregnancy is the most common cause of death among girls between 15 and 19 years of age.
– Teenage pregnancies are a serious health and economic problem in both developing and developed countries.
– Schools should be taught about sexuality in order to avoid pregnancies.
– It is important to reduce the social pressure that girls feel to marry young and have children.

Top 10 Topics About Teenage Pregnancy
– Teenage pregnancies in developed countries
How to stop teenage pregnancies
– Adolescent pregnancies across different regions around the globe
– Teenage Pregnancy as a Cause of Death
Health consequences of early pregnancies
– Severe neonatal and early childbearing conditions
– Social and Economic Effects of Teenage Pregnancies
– Adolescent pregnancies among developing countries
– Teenage pregnancy: causes and consequences
– Sexual education to help prevent pregnancies early

Top Teenage Pregnancy Essays and Topic Ideas
– Schools are increasing their sexual education to curb teenage pregnancy
Because it stresses the importance of abstaining from contraceptives and sex education, it is vital to increase sex education. To avoid teenage pregnancies, schools should have more sex education.

– Teen pregnancy: Causes, effects and prevention
Teenage pregnancy is when a girl of a certain age becomes pregnant. It occurs normally in the teenage years, between the ages 13 and 19. However, this range can vary depending on what age the menarche is and the legal […].

– Teenage Pregnancy: Modern World
America has the highest teenage pregnancy rate of any developed nation. Even though the rate of teen pregnancies is declining in developed nations, it is still high in America.

– Popular Culture, Teenage Pregnancy and Other American Cultures
This was true especially for the Western society in the early and middle 20th centuries and the rising international normality in the latter 20th and 21st.

– Teenage Pregnancy Main Causes and Solutions
The family functions as the support system for social order and the state.

– Teenage pregnancy concept and problems
This can lead to dangerous consequences for teenage girls because she has not received prenatal care or is not ready to become pregnant.

Teenage Pregnancy Causes & Effects Essay
Additionally, teenagers can have lots of space and time with each other, which leads to teenage pregnancy.

– Teenage pregnancy and its consequences for the society
These risks further diminish the opportunities for mother and child to create a better future. Early pregnancies can be prevented by education of the young teens.

– Sex Education and Teenage Pregnancies Have Positive Effects
Stobbe: The failure of sex education to reduce teenage pregnancies

The Biggest Factors in Teenage Pregnancy
Mooney, Knox, & Schacht, state that low self-esteem is often linked to abused children. This can influence teens’ sexual behavior patterns, leading to teenage pregnancy.

How to reduce teenage pregnancies
Teen pregnancy is a problem that can not be ignored. The […] has been embraced by the United States of America in recent years.

– Teenage Pregnancy and the Role of Sexual Education
Teens resort to prostitution to make ends meet, which leads to teenage pregnancy.

– Teenage pregnancy and abortion: Articles evaluation
In order to combat the seemingly inexorable threat of […], it is important to develop sexual health services and contraception methods for young people.

– Teenage pregnancy, abortion and sex education
According to, many people in society, especially religious ones, consider abortion a vice that impacts every corner of this world.

Teenage Pregnancy Rates & Prevention Programs
This paper will examine the US adolescent pregnant rates and identify risk factors. The list will also include mental and physical risks.

– Teenage Pregnancy: Psychological Reasons
They have not reached a point in their lives where they can bear the responsibility for a child. If a teenager marries and becomes pregnant, it is okay to have an abortion.

– Teenage Pregnancy – A Problem
Marx, Fleur Hoppper Faith-Based or Fact-Based Social Policy: Teenage Pregnancy Prevention is a case study in Social Work Volume 50, 2005. It focuses on the issue of teenage pregnancy in America.

Statistics and Factors on Teenage Pregnancy.
One reason for the high number of teenage pregnancies is poverty and social inequality in America and Britain.

New Jersey Teenage Births
This paper will address teenage pregnancy in New Jersey.

– Teenage Pregnancy In America
According to WHO, teenage pregnancies which end in childbirth often cause poor emotional and psychological health for their mothers.
This same research also shows that there is an increasing availability of effective contraception

Teenage Pregnancy Problems and Decision Making Tools
First, the birth of a child is an option. This gives the mother the chance to love and care for her baby.

The National Campaign End Teenage Pregnancy Ohio
Many parents’ dreams are to help their children achieve a happy and fulfilling future.

Interesting Teenage Pregnancy Research Paper Topics
– The Rising Teenage Pregnancy Rates In the United States of America
– Teenage pregnancy: Maintaining healthy relationships with all involved
– Teenage Pregnancy: The Problems for Teenage Gangs and Children
– Preventing teenage pregnancy by increasing condom distribution in schools
The Misunderstanding of Contraceptives: The Growing Teenage Pregnancy Rates All Over The Globe
Understanding Teenage Pregnancy and Society
Andrew Cherry, Sexual education: Teenage pregnancies – A Global View
– Teenage Pregnancy and Legal Abortion: A Discussion on the Issue in America
– Teenage pregnancy and the role of health professionals
Physical and mental effects of teenage pregnancy
– How the Abstinence Only Education is failing to curb teenage pregnancy in the United States
– Teenage pregnancy and parenthood as a social problem
– Hollywood’s Misperception of Teenage Pregnancy
– Teenage Pregnancy And Adolescent Pregnancy
– Pregnancy outcomes and the effect of minimum legal drinking age restrictions on teenage pregnancies
– The Serious Problems of Teenage Pregnancy: Why America is Rising?
– The Relationship Of Teenage Sexual Abuse To Childhood Pregnancy
– Teenage Pregnancy Prevention and Prevention in the United States
– Teenage Pregnancy is a serious problem in the Philippines, and other developed countries around the world
– The central issues of teenage pregnancy and out-of-wedlock childbearing

Some good research topics about teenage pregnancy
– Teenage Pregnancy: A Social Problem in the Philippines
– The Effect of Teenage Pregnancy on the Health Care System and Subgroups of the Population
– Teenage pregnancy and parents not ready for kids
– Psychosocial development and the effects of teenage pregnancy
– Teenage pregnancy and the role of the fathers
– Teenage Pregnancy and Dysfunctional American Families:
– Teenage Pregnancy: What the Seedhouse Can Tell You
– Relationship between teenage pregnancy and delinquency
– Teenage Pregnancy: Frank Furstenberg’s Unplanned Parenthood
The Social Issue Of Teenage Pregnancy At High Schools In America
Philadelphia Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Program: Comprehensive Sex education
– Teenage pregnancy : Protecting our youth through abstinence
Philadelphia – Teenage Pregnancy: Health Risks and the Issues
– The effects of teenage pregnancy on teenage mothers
Essay: Teenage Pregnancy and Its Impact on Children
– Teenage pregnancy among American teens: How social factors affect it
– Preventing teenage pregnancy by using birth control
– The socio-economic effects of teenage pregnancy on girls in secondary school
– The Teenage Pregnancy Versus Parental Consent Regarding Unwanted Abortion
– Teenage Pregnancy, and Sexual Activity among Teenagers.

Research questions about teenage pregnancy
What cultural factors are responsible for the rise in teenage pregnancies?
Why is it important to reduce the risk of teenage pregnancy?
What Statistics Are There About Teenage Pregnancy in America?
– What is the incidence of teenage pregnancy among Hispanic teens and blacks?
– How does sex education affect teenage pregnancy?
– What role does the media play in raising awareness about the social issue of teenage pregnancies?
How does socioeconomic status affect early adolescent pregnancy?
What social and personal factors affect adolescent pregnancy?
– How Teenage Pregnancy Can Change Lives Forever
What are the causes and effects of teenage pregnancy?
How does teenage pregnancy affect academic performance?
What’s the cause of the Teenage Birth Control Epidemic?
How to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy from causing health problems?
What can you do to reduce teenage pregnancy rates?
How does a teenager’s gender expression affect their pregnancy?
– What causes social isolation in teenage pregnancy?
How to Prevent Teen Depression and Stress?
– What are the physical and mental implications of teenage pregnancy?
– Teenage Pregnancy: How it stops students from finishing what they started?
What are the facts about teenage pregnancy?
How can teenage pregnancy be prevented?
– What are the implications of teenage pregnancy?
How can society prevent unwanted teenage pregnancy?
What are the causes and effects of teenage pregnancy?
How does teenage pregnancy affect high school dropout rates?
– What is the role of health care professionals in preventing teenage pregnancy?
– How Comprehensive Sexuality Education can Prevent Teen Pregnancy at Philadelphia
– Why has the teenage pregnancies rate been increasing for so many years?
How do economic factors affect teenage pregnancy?
What is the dilemma of teenage pregnancy in Indonesia?


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Amelia Burke is a 27yo educational blogger and volunteer and student. She is currently a student at the University of Utah. She is interested in creative writing, writing for the web, and public speaking.

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